Shine Investment

Lala Land Shop House Project

Shine Investment Super project

This project has 100% capital and investment from SHINE CAPITAL & INVESTMENT CO., LTD. The project is located in the most commercial area of Sa Dec city, along the bank of Tien River, which makes the soil of this region extremely fertile and full of sunshine all year long. Sa Dec is a city famous for its valuable history and unique culture. In particular, this place is known for Sa Dec flower village – the flower capital of the South of Vietnam, a destination that attracts many tourists each year. 

Lalaland Sa Dec Shop House is built based on modern townhouse models and luxury living spaces, developed on a prime location in Sa Dec City with over 3,972 m².

LaLaLand Sa Dec develops on the strength of its golden location next to the lifeline branch of the Mekong Delta with all its natural resources. Like the flowers in the Mekong Delta, the project is designed with a modern style and maximizing surrounding utilities, contributing to create a luxurious and classy living space suitable for living, for relaxing or for investing. 

The design with modern open architecture is very effective and ideal to receive natural light, in addition from the natural element to create ventilation and comfort for the residents. This design style is the perfect choice for a townhouse project, giving each family living here a harmonious and peaceful life. The design lines are simple, yet luxurious and elegant combined with light colors, simple but equally outstanding